PCWDC Follow Up
From: Jack Caltabiano, , MIS Specialist
March 2018

Follow Up Protocols

  • Follow up must be conducted for 12 months for each individual.
  • Each student must be called, emailed, or sent a letter to their house to conduct the follow up to see What they are doing and services that we can provide them.
  • Engage the individual in any way you can to make them want to speak with our counselors and find out any new information about new phone numbers, emails, and home address.
  • Make every effort to have that individual come in to meet with their counselor to speak with them about further their education or obtaining a job. Inform the customer about our services, including job fairs, hiring events, and positive recruitments.
  • It is mandatory that comments are documented on the ISS, in the individual file, and on AOSOS. Document in AOSOS in the comment screen and type What happened when you tried to make contact with the individual whether it is positive or not.
  • If you need any help or have any questions please contact me at X7119 for assistance.

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